Gin Alcohol, Explained

Do you familiar already with gin alcohol? If not, this article will be helpful to you.

Gin is a liquor made from juniper berries, and other aromatics, combined with at least 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Juniper that makes gin so essential, make it taste like pine, as well as herbaceous and floral.
People might confuse juniper (which in Dutch is called “genever”) with Gin. However, those two are very distinct. Gin is made from a neutral spirit base together with botanicals, primarily juniper, whereas genever made from distillate rye, corn, and wheat which is more into Bourbon.

Gin is derived from five basic styles:

  1. London Dry, which is devoid of all sweetness
  2. Plymouth Gin, which must be made in Plymouth, England
  3. Old Tom Gin, which is a little sweeter
  4. Navy Strength, which is 57 percent alcohol by volume or higher
  5. American Gin which is usually more herbal.

Gin is usually produced in three ways:

  1. Distilled: Juniper berries and other aromatics are added to a fermented mash and distilled together.
  2. Redistilled: the neutral base spirit which is redistilled with juniper berries and other aromatics.
  3. Compounded: made by mixing a neutral base spirit with juniper berries and other aromatics.

Popular brands are Tanqueray, Aviation, and Bombay Sapphire. Popular cocktails with gin are The Negroni and the classic Martini.

Because of the alcohol percentage, gin is not for beginners. It always starts with 40% and can go higher. The most common gin is 50% ABV. However, if you wish for higher alcohol, several distilleries have their own brand with 95% ABV and considered the strongest gin in the world.
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